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2013 Summer Of Day Hikes – October

I had the unbelievable opportunity of climbing the Gros Piton in St. Lucia — and it is a wonderful addition to the summer of Day hikes! Ratings 1) trail presence (TP) (hard to follow to paved with black gold – 5 star rating) 2) difficulty (D) (1 – easy to 10 – climbing gear needed) 3) pay-off (PO) (5 star rating)

Gros Piton, St. Lucia (October 11)

Note: this is a guided hike. Thanks goes out to Bani! http://www.rainforestadventure.com/st_lucia_tours_excursions/other_tourist_attractions/the_pitons/ TP: D: 6/10 PO: Climb: 610 m. From the bottom looking up: IMG_0301 The view of St Lucia IMG_0298 The Pitons Petite and Gros Piton