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  • Base 64 and URL encoder tool (encode and decode)

    Base 64 Encoder/Decoder

    Enter the text of what you want encoded or the message you want to decode and push the Encode or Decode buttons accordingly.
    For example:
    The text: Base 64 EncoderQmFzZSA2NCBFbmNvZGVy
    The codes:SSBhbSBkZWNvZGVk I am decoded.
    A few comments/disclaimer about this page: This tool is written completely in Javascript and thus entirely processed on your computer. Nothing is sent to the server to be processed. I found this code here and made it function as a tool. I hope it helps you. -Mark Slemko
    Base64 Encoding: Encode or Decode
    URL Encoding: Encode or Decode