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2013 Summer Of Day Hikes – July

Starting in July, we decided to do a hike, preferably to the top of a mountain, each weekend… This is them: I’m going to rank these on 3 scales 1) trail presence (TP) (hard to follow to paved with black gold – 5 star rating) 2) difficulty (D) (1 – easy to 10 – climbing gear needed) 3) pay-off (PO) (5 star rating) I should say, we look for intermediate level trails. I’ve injured my arm, so climbing is not wise for me. We are not looking for a walk in the park either, but those can be nice. Also, We have to be able to get there and back within one day.

Mount Gardner (July 13):

http://www.vancouvertrails.com/trails/mount-gardner/ TP: D: 5/10 PO: mount gardner

Quarry Rock (July 20):

http://www.vancouvertrails.com/trails/quarry-rock/ TP: D: 4/10 PO: IMG_0142

Garibaldi Lake (July 28):

http://www.vancouvertrails.com/trails/garibaldi-lake/ TP: D: 6/10 PO: IMG_0590